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Our Services. 

Dive Support

Your specific requirements will dictate which vessel is more suitable for you.

however, whether it is simple inspections and water sampling or full UXO clearance, our vessels can be configured for full surface supply support including decompression chamber and accommodation modules with our largest vessel capable of holding 5 x 20ft containers of the aft deck alone.

Passenger & Cargo 

Wind Farm Support vessels need to be able to respond to a call for assistance at a minutes notice

This is what we excel at, our reputation is what brings our customers back to us time after time

We have a wealth of experience in passenger, supplies and cargo transfers, whether it is a change of crew, re-provisioning of ship supplies or emergency transfer of maintenance equipment we do it all.

Regular inspections of our vessels and strict maintenance schedules ensure that we retain our reputation for reliability.


Our vessels can be adapted to suit almost all variations of surveying equipment that you need to use to carry out your contract,

From simple water sampling to side scan sonar and even video recorded sonar scans,

To be able to carry out detailed survey work you need to be able to navigate with very high precision,

All of our vessels are equipped with the very latest 'state of the art' navigation equipment ensuring that the results for your survey are guaranteed to be of the highest possible standard.

Fuel Transfer

Our vessels are perfectly suited to refueling duties. We have various capabilities depending on your requirement.

Our newest vessel, the Channel Chieftain 9 is capable of staying at sea for extended periods of time. 

She is able to carry up to 60,000 ltrs of fuel and can transfer to a 30 meter head at 250 litres per minute.

In addition to this she can also transfer fresh water, carrying 40,000 litrres of fresh water and also capable of transferring at a 30 meter head at 250 litres per minute.

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